Did You Know These Facts About Heart Bypass Surgery !!

What is coronary artery bypass surgery?

Coronary artery bypass surgery or Heart bypass surgery, is a process of replacing the blocked arteries that supplies blood to a human heart muscle. The operating surgeon on the patient uses blood vessels taken from another part of the human body to fix the blocked arteries. 213,700 coronary bypass surgeries were performed by the doctors in the United States in 2011.

When the coronary arteries gets blocked or damaged, then this surgery is performed. The oxygenated blood is supplied to the heart muscle through these coronary arteries. Heart failure risks are there if the blood flow to the heart is blocked and heart muscle is not able to work properly.

Heart Bypass Surgery: Different Types

Depending on how many of the arteries are blocked the doctor will recommend a certain type of bypass surgery

  • Single bypass          :        Blockage of One Artery
  • Double bypass        :        Blockage of Two Arteries
  • Triple bypass          :        Blockage of Three Arteries
  • Quadruple bypass :        Blockage of Four  Arteries

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Heart Bypass Surgery: When is it required?

When the cholesterol level increases in our body, it starts depositing on the walls of the arteries which results in the flow of less blood to the human heart. The heart’s primary pump, the left ventricle is the most affected one in such cases.

If the coronary artery gets much narrowed and there is a risk of heart attack then your doctor can advise bypass surgery for that.

Heart Bypass Surgery: How is it determined?

Whether a person is ready for open-heart surgery or not is determined by a group of doctors and a cardiologist. Medical conditions like diabetes, emphysema, kidney disease and peripheral arterial disease (PAD) which can complicate surgery where doctors may not go for open-heart surgery.

Heart Bypass Surgery: Alternatives

Nowadays there are many alternatives to Heart Bypass Surgery. More methods are available today as below:

Balloon angioplasty

Enhanced external counterpulsation (EECP)


Diet and lifestyle changes

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