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With a view to promoting the research advancement, Cosmic Series is committed to bringing together leading experts of medical professionals, researchers, engineers, and scientists. read more

Our Advancements With the increase in demand for quality research work in medical science, there has been an increase in demand of go site Medical Conferences, a platform where all the research works can be shared and explored among the researchers or the professionals who intend to have an insight on these research works so that they can get the missing key ideas for their own scientific papers.

What’s the reason behind for such a growth of Medical Conferences?
  1. As per the University of Ottawa, 2.5 million new scientific papers are published each year.
  2. One of the key factors is the sheer number of publishing scientists worldwide, which is increasing at a rate of 5-6 % per year.
  3. On an average, more than 2 lakhs of researchers attend medical conferences per year.The pressure of exploring more and advancing more has led an immense growth in such conferences because scientists and researchers all around the world want to advance more so as to generate quality research work.

site rencontre pour les beaux As a team of Cosmic Series LLP, we have tried of generating quality research work by collaborating with many of national and international medical agencies and institutions. We have gained knowledge by following many research works published till date. We have worked with many medical doctors, scientists, and researchers and have collaborations with many publishing companies so that these research works can be published easily.

In 2018, we are going to conduct two medical conferences titled as:
  1. 2018 Healthcare and Cardiology Conference  ( Cardiology Conference), Sep 18-19, Bangkok, Thailand
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  2. 2018 Mental Health and Neurology Conference  (Neurology Conference) Sep 18-19, Bangkok, Thailand scarica demo opzioni binarie          Email Us:

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wer hat erfahrungen mit bd swiss We a have a huge list of research topics in demand to talk about. And we have released our top medical conference lists for the year 2019. Read More