3 Simple Ways Our Ancestors Used to Avoid Doctors

We are in a generation where we have the comfort and luxury at the tip of our fingers, one click and you get your food home delivered, one click and a giant machine pulls up a boulder weighing a ton for you in no time. In ancient times people used to work hard for everything, for getting food, water and simple secure life. This comfort today that we have indeed is a blessing on mankind and is a result of scientific advancement and human growth.

But what we have lost in these hundreds of years is the quality of living. More than 45% of the population suffer from chronic diseases. People nowadays don’t have any physical activity timings marked in their schedules and lead much of their lives building fats and obesity.

There are 3 Simple ways which our ancestors used to perform every day to live healthy and have a quality of living.


First :

Controlling Surrounding Air :

This is one of the major aspects. One should inhale good quality of air and should try to avoid inhaling smoke and dust particles. So, the question is how we can intake maximum amount of good quality of air when there is lot of pollution around.

We can do this by Breathing Exercises. Yes, you heard right! By controlling the flow of air through our body one can make themselves free from many diseases and can start the healing process within.

Our ancestors knew this process very well and used breathing exercises called the Pranayama as per Hindu Purana. There several different pranayama to control the breathing exercise. Maintaining regularity in doing breathing exercises can improve Heart Pumping Mechanism, purify our lungs and increase our blood circulation. It has been proven that people also get relief from major Mental Health problems like Migraine.


Second :

Knowing the Very Molecular Structure of Water:

We all know that water is the very fundamental element for human life after air since it comprises of 75% of the body content.  The very nature of water changes when we use it or store it. So, it is very important to know the usage of water and how it should be consumed.

Earlier people used to use earthen pots and metal containers like copper vessels to store and consume water. The molecular structure of water is such that its properties are enhanced when stored in a current container. So having water in metal containers especially in copper containers helps to heal our digestive system and blood circulation.


Third :

Just watch on what you consume :

The food we consume has a direct impact on our digestive system. The more oily and fat rich food we eat, more of our digestive system remains under stress for proper digestion. With ageing and less workout our digestive system gets less functioning and due to which we start facing situations like obesity and heart attacks.

By just simply controlling on what we eat and how good we eat, we can avoid our visit to the doctors.


Air, Water and Food that’s it ! Just focus on healthy living.

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