Vital Connection That you Didn’t Know About Our Heart and Brain !

vital-connection-you-didn't know-about-our-heart-and-brain


The essential part of our body, the Heart, working every second, pumping blood throughout our body is a place where we feel different kinds of emotion — from a quickening beat when we get to see our favorite celebrity, to a painful pause that happens when we get to hear some bad news.

People have known for a long time the emotions that arise in response to the world to the physical sensations of our body. In fact, this link has been rising interest in people to know it more, research upon it and feel it. One of the recent research show that this connection is very real and people do behave as per their feelings. Showing sensitive insight to the physical sensations/touch within human heart — and or other parts of the human body — is directly linked to human emotional capabilities. Some researchers even suggest and think that one day be able to shift and distract their emotional state by knowing how to tune into the rhythm of their heart beat.

Interoception is the ability to monitor the physiological condition of our own body. In spite of the known facts and figures of most of the measurable entities like bladder pressure, heartbeat, and hunger to some degree, knowing how sensitive we are is still something which has wide variability.

Vivien Ainley, a neuropsychologist at the University of London, told Psychology Today that

“People who tend to have a natural capacity to maintain and monitor the internal condition of their body are considered to be more intuitive, have better memory for emotional material, experience stronger emotional arousal, and perhaps be better at controlling their negative emotions”.


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Hence the connection between or emotions and physical sensation on our body relates to the neural process in our brain.

In one of the research work done in 2012 on NeuroImage, scientists studying the observation asked people to watch videos of people sharing emotional stories while monitoring their heartbeats. The activity showed that it resulted in the activation of the insular cortex — the location in the brain that is involved in emotions and interoception.

One of the study published in 2013 on Human Brain Mapping showed similar results. The authors of the paper wrote: “These results suggest that attending to the bodily state underlies awareness of one’s emotional state.”

All the research works produced till date suggests of training one’s mind, method can be of meditating daily or relaxing the mind. It is seen that a trained mind tends to have more heightened emotional abilities than a normal person.

These research works help us to understand that to know our emotional state and physical state one has to be train his/her brain. Meditation is one of the best way known from ages which helps one to connect with himself and helps to bring the heart and brain in harmony.

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