The Modern Era Epidemic: Depression! Affecting Completely

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Depression should be considered as a Systemic Disease as it is associated with important alterations of the oxidative stress. This was recently proved by University of Granada with an international team of researchers.

The research work, published in the renowned Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, explains significant relation between depression and other diseases like cardiovascular diseases and cancer. This work also explains the reason why people suffering from depression die younger. This research may help us find new areas of research for the cure, prevention and treatment of depression.

Research with 3961 People and Results

This research is a statistical analysis of 29 previous studies which comprise 3961 people, and it explains in detail that what happens in a human being who is suffering from depression. It studies the individual increase of various oxidative stress parameters (espicially malondialdehyde) and substancial decrease in antioxidant substances (such as uric acid, zinc, and the superoxide dismutase enzyme).

Effects of Depression in Your Body

About 26 percent of United States population suffers from depression. Depression is technically a mental disease or disorder, which effects our physical and mental well-being. In the below sections you will be learning various effects of depression on our human body.

Effect on our very Central Nervous System (CNS)

Depression effects our brains functioning capabilities in major way. Hence our central nervous system is affected. Due to depression many symptoms arises some of which can be easily ignored but some of which cannot be ignored.

Our older adults sometimes ignore the effects of depression as a sign of old age without realizing that it’s an effect of depression. As per American Psychological Association, older adults with depression face more difficulties and develop challenges like memory loss and reaction time during everyday activities as compared to younger adults with the same disease – depression.

Effects and Symptoms in children

Figuring out the symptoms of depression in children can be more difficult who can’t interpret their symptoms related to depression. We can look for behavioral issues like unwillingness to attend school without improvement over time, persistent clinginess and worry. They can be excessively irritable and negative overtime due to depression.
Causes of Depression

Effects on our Internal Body Functioning: Digestive system

Many people think that depression is related to our mental health only but it also plays a major role in appetite and nutrition. Research says that people in depression eat more that the average time they eat, which can lead to obesity-related illnesses such as type 2 diabetes and weight gain.

Effect on our Heart: Cardiovascular System

As per the American College of Cardiology (2005) the release of stress hormones (endogenous-catecholamines) causes increased heart rate. This leads to high blood pressure which makes the heart to work more hard. These internal changes increases the chances of developing heart related issues such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and many more.

Effects on our Social Life: Behavioral Changes

Person suffering from depression shows behavioral issues as well. The social effects of depression makes a person behave in a different way in the outside world. They become less focused, arrogant, gets irritated very quickly.

Below are the few steps to move out of Depression:

Relaxation: People should get out of chaotic world and give some time for relaxing the mind and body.

Health Living: Having a healthy living is very important. It involves of having rich nutritional food, going for regular physical exercises, performing mental exercises like meditation.

Seminars: One should attend motivational seminars and educational seminars like International Conferences on Mental Health so that they can know the symptoms of depression and move out of it as soon as possible.

Enjoy Every Moment. Don’t worry! Everything is going to be alright.

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