Sex and Stress: What does Our Heart Say !



In the earlier ages, there used to be Epidemics arising due to introduction of new viruses or bacteria into human body. People didn’t used to have immunity against those foreign elements and used to suffer.

In this 21st century modern era we are facing Epidemics like Obesity, Heart Attacks, Malnutrition etc. due to the lifestyle that we humans have created for us. Each and every disease can be traced backed to one’s life style.

Sex :

As per a team of Interventional Cardiologist who researched on the impacts of having an active sexual life found that people who are having active sexual life are less prone to heart diseases. While having sex a person’s heart rate increases which increases the blood circulation throughout the body, burning fats and calories.

Since Sex involves considerable amount of physical activity and increases the heart rate, hence it is advised that person who had heart attacks or heart diseases should consult their doctors first.

Dr. Jeff Marshall, interventional cardiologist, discusses the importance of talking with your healthcare provider about when it’s safe to have sex after a heart attack.

Stress :

One of the major problem worldwide is the Mental Stress. We have our own lifestyle and work culture but somehow, we are not satisfied with that. We end up complaining about our corporate work, our personal relationships and about our wellbeing and health.

What does our heart say about Stress?

Stress does create mental and psychological effects but it also impacts or heart at the most.

Stress increases the blood sugar level, increases the blood pressure and adrenaline hormone is released several times which speeds up the heart beat rate. Stress results in overeating as well which leads to obesity which infact is the biggest factor of heart attacks.

 Healthy living and doing regular workouts is the only way we can lead a happy and healthy life. Treatment have always been the secondary thing but the primary thing has always been the Prevention.

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