Is it True! What we see is a Past, Not the Present



go site How an Image is created by our Brain:

go to site When we look at something, the different areas in our brain seems to create a ‘map’ of the entire area at what we are looking and it adds specific details to it – like color, movement, shape or depth. Scientists and Researchers have observed that patients who have damage areas in the brain they lack some particular details in their final picture.

source site In the visual part of the brain, the edges orientated in a certain direction are recognized by the neurons. This is where the brain is able to provide a shape to the object at which we are looking. Color, shading and depth further provides clue to the brain to identify the object. Researchers have observed that faces are recognized by the surface features and objects mostly by their edges.

binäre optionen regulierte plattform How the distance is calculated:


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follow link Our Eyes have a field of view which is over 210 degrees while facing forward in horizontally arc. When we look at an object, both of our eyes don’t see the sane picture, slight difference is there.The light ray converging on the retina passes on the signal to the brain to know the exact depth and distance of the object. Few other things like prior knowledge, texture and shape also helps the brain to determine the depth and distance of the object.

enter site Movement is determined by our brain :

A special part of our brain decides that whether an object is moving or not when we see it. Even though our sight is normal, but damage to that area can stop us seeing movement, even though our sight is absolutely normal. As per research on a subject, who had suffered from a stroke damaging that area of the brain, she explained that she was not able to see things moving in reality. She said that she saw cars and trams keep changing their position but never saw cars moving.

dating service website template What we see is it really a Past ?

prednisolone price increase 2014 The basic science that we all know is that, we are able to see an object because of the light which gets reflected by that object and our eyes receive those lights to make an image in the brain.

zyprexa 10 mg 28 tablet Suppose a lady is walking and she crosses a pole at time ‘x’ secs and you see that and you think that it’s the reality but its is not. We know that light travels at 3 Lakh km/s but there is a time lag between the reflection of light happening and our eyes receiving it and thus brain creating the image at ‘x+1’ secs. At this ‘x+1’ secs the lady might have crossed or moved forward from the pole but still we see the lady who is about to cross the road. Thus we are actually looking at the past not the present in a way.

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