Heart Diseases and Breast cancer, Are Both Related?

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singellistan norge http://ev-kirche-ergste.de/?debilews=humor-partnersuche&ff5=27 American Heart Association marks a close link between breast cancer and heart disease.

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http://asiabettors.com/?prestiee=rencontres-avec-femmes-de-madagascar&1bb=c7 As per American Heart Association, women who have recovered from breast cancer should have a close look on their heart health since as per their research there is a close link between breast cancer and heart disease.

http://web-impressions.net/fister/389 The above statement was published in Circulation, were the AHA has provided details related to the link between breast cancer and heart diseases. Experts from both the fields pointed out the link that connects heart diseases and breast cancer. The team also provided preventive measures and cure for the breast cancer patients to avoid heart diseases.

follow site One of the important points highlighted in the submitted research was to focus on the initial stage only i.e. while having treating for breast cancer the patients should go for such treatments which has least effects on heart.

§ 4 partnervermittlung verordnung 3 to 3.32 million American women suffer from breast cancer. 1 out of 32 suffer from breast cancer each year but due to advancement in screening and treatment survival rates have increased. Research show that nearly 80% of breast cancer patients live at least for five to six years after their initial diagnosis. . Approximately there are 2.8 – 3 million survivors having breast cancer living in the United States.

mfr dating website While these improvements are notable but patients have reported of increased heart issues. Research show that breast cancer patients are more prone to heart disease—the leading slayer of women in the United States.

go According to doctors and scientists, cancer treatment can lead to a number of side effects that provokes heart risks. The most common side effects are heart failure, an abnormal heart rhythm and high blood pressure and all of which have been associated with cancer treatment procedure. Cancer treatment can speed up the development of heart disease in women with increased heart failure risks.

After having treated with breast cancer doesn’t mean that therapy is complete, in fact one should keep a close eye and have regular health checkups to avoid heart diseases. Regular checkups can help the issue to be diagnosed at the initial stage. Since breast cancer and heart disease share risk factors, change of one’s lifestyle is must. Finally, there are many overlaps between breast cancer and heart disease.

cost of effient vs plavix As expert’s advice, it’s important to consider heart health at every point of time while having breast cancer treatment.

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